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  • Chris Metzen retiring from Blizzard
    Chris Metzen Leaves Blizzard
    News, Video Games
    I haven't played World of Warcraft for a few years now. I spent a good deal of time buried in the world of Azeroth, especially in college. It was an amazing experience that I eventually grew apart from. I didn't like the changes that came over the years and I walked away right before The Mists of Pandaria.
  • Agony first person horror game extended trailer.
    Agony Extended Trailer (NSFW)
    Trailer, Video Games
    The lunatics behind the up and coming first person horror game Agony dropped an extended trailer on us earlier this week. This trailer is incredibly graphic but definitely illustrates the themes we expect from the game. Consequently the warning bumper before the video starts ISN'T A JOKE.
  • Heroes of the Storm Machines of War announced
    Machines of War Update Announced
    News, Trailer, Video Games
    Blizzard just dropped a bunch of major announcement at Gamescom 2016 involving Heroes of the Storm. For some time fans have been anticipating the next round of updates. It has been general knowledge that the next major update would involve Star Craft since the last 2 were World of Warcraft and Diablo.
  • The Final Station Trailer
    The Final Station Trailer
    Trailer, Video Games
    Trains are often considered a relaxing form of travel. Lying back in your seat while the world whips past the window, while the car gently rocks you to sleep. Unless of course you are trying to manage sick and dying passengers.
  • Funko Pint Size Heroes
    What do you get when you cross a Dorbz with a Pop? Well, probably nothing since neither of these objects are capable of reproducing through natural means. Funko just announced that they will be producing a new line of collectibles called Pint Size Heroes. These new figures each figure measures a mere 1.5" tall. As one might imagine, there will be exclusive figures available to the regular Funko partners. Hot Topic and GameStop were both named as getting exclusives. The first releases will come in 3 waves from September 2016 through October 2016 including Batman, Spiderman, and Steven Universe. September 2016 - Batman   October 2016 - Spiderman   October 2016 - Steven Universe About the AuthorSean Piper Facebook TwitterSean Piper is the Editor of NerdLife.
  • Lichtspeer trailer for PC, Linux, PS4, OSX, and Xbox One
    Lichtspeer Trailer
    Trailer, Video Games
    Have you ever been watching a video on YouTube that made you spit your current favorite beverage all over your computer screen? When is the last time that was a game trailer? Lichtspeer, watch it then we can discuss. WTF?! WurstZombies!!! I can't even explain that this game is about other than it's "German-ish", involves Ice Giants, Gnomes, some Walrus guys, and decapitating fish that can only be a reminder of The Killer Rabbit from Quest for the Holy Grail. Someone get the Holy Grenade. Never have I needed something more in my life than I do right now. Game releases in September 2016. Lichtspeer - website!