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It’s So New: AdventureOS



There has been an insane resurgence of classic games. A way to transport you back to a time when platforming had only 2 dimensions and games made you want to sell your soul to the devil while stripping all the hair from your head.

Well developers Evelend Games are throwing their hat into the retro ring with Adventure OS. part platformer, part file explorer, all insanely original

In AdventureOS you get that throwback platforming experience with a twist. The entire world you

play in will be based off of the folders, files, and applications on your computer.

How about a video to explain:

The possibility here is unimaginable. The idea that every time you install a new application or unpackage a .zip file your gaming experience will change is so exciting. Your boss sends you a zip file fill full of word documents, images, and other miscellaneous bits of information. Instantly a new room full of monsters, treasure, and who know what else?! Let the excitement poor from your brain holes.

Developers Evelend Games are currently running a Ingiegogo campaign to fund the project. If this seems like something you are into, why not send them a few dollars to help with development.

Personally this looks like something that could change the way we play games….. or be just a really novel and neat idea. Either way I am excited to give this a try.

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