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It’s So New: Starbound Early Access Beta LIVE Today!




UPDATE: For all those taking place in the beta (pre-orders) here is a little bit of information that was located by one of our writers, Arlo. How the beta is going to work

Today is such a magical day that many of us die-hard indie fans have been waiting for. BAM! Starbound early access beta is going live today.

We have only

had to wait 2 years, 2 LONG YEARS! If you are unaware what Starbound is? Simply take one part Minecraft, one part RPG, and one part Star Trek,now smash it with your magical 2D hammer. Oh what a magical world awaits us. Essentially Starbound puts you in the shoes of your created hero. Adventure out through the cosmos exploring new worlds, building civilizations, exploring, and conquering dungeons.

Now as all of you pre-orderers (real word, who knows?) sit and stare at your inbox waiting for your download link, why not torture yourself with the official 6-MINUTE Starbound trailer.


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