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You Must Build a Boat Review

You Must Build a Boat, why are you so different. Why are you such a good game? Check out our review …



Personally I hate mobile games with a passion. They are generally the most terrible use of the bathroom that I can think of.  I have voiced my opinion quite a few times and I really didn’t think that had changed. I really didn’t want it to change. I enjoy hating things, especially things that deserve the hate. You Must Build a Boat, why are you so different. Why are you such a good game? At least I can sit comfortable knowing this is also available on Steam so my view on mobile games can’t completely be voided.

If you are familiar with EightyEight Games previous game 10,000,000 you will instantly know how to play You Must Build a Boat (it’s pretty close to the same formula). It’s a very addicting dungeon crawling, tile matching, RPG-ish mashup. Only this time EightyEight Games hit the nail on the head.

You Must Build a Boat didn’t really show me anything new. It is essentially a tile matching game like Candy Crush or Farm Heroes Saga if somehow you were able to cram in a dungeon crawler and an infinite runner all in one package. The difference is you actually buy this game. I don’t have to wait to play it if I don’t have any friends to gift me time. I don’t have to pay real money to use fake money either. I paid real life dollars to install a game on my phone and I get to play my game anytime I want to. What is this concept and where did it come from? Shouldn’t other people be doing this? What world do I live in?

Go buy it for the bathroom times.

The purpose of You Must Build a Boat is simple, you build a boat. I am still unsure why you need a boat or where you learned how to sail such a craft but by George you are doing it. Even if the towns folk and your in-laws have advised against it. It’s my money and I will spend it how I like! So you get on your boat, venture out, and do your best to steal everything that you can find, now repeat.

As you sail your boat you will need to fund your travels. What better way to do so than to rob graves, buildings, and castles. After all, nobody needs all this stuff anyways, except me, I need this stuff. Explore through all of the places in search of goods to sell and progress. You will also make friends on your way that will assist you by buying things from you and selling things to you. If these people were really my friends they would at least give me some of this stuff for free, wouldn’t they? I am almost sure of it.

You Must Build a Boat Double Match

You will start off with a navigator and a quest giver. These are the only people that aren’t out to take all of your money. You progress through each stage via quests ranging from kill “X” things to don’t use a certain tile against a specific foe. Completing each quest will gain you merchants as well as monsters to aid in your battles. Granted, you have to purchase these people’s services and friendship but in the long-run they are a necessity to the game and you will come to appreciate their greedy ways.

You Must Build a Boat Matching Tiles

Once you actually dig into the meat of the game you will be instantly pleased, I promise. You must match tiles to progress in the dungeon. This is where YMBAB really shines. It does not require any explanation to play the game since this formula has been reused over and over with puzzle games. You basically match some stuff and you match some more stuff. Unlike the other matching games you are matching specific blocks based on a function. To beat certain enemies you need to either play a magic or a sword tile. If you need to unlock a chest you need to use the key blocks. Each stage is randomly generated with different enemies and obstacles. It’s not just a matter of matching as fast as you can. You will want to save certain blocks to get you out of a tight spot if one might arise.

My biggest complaint comes with one of the core features of the game. Each of these dungeons are random and there is no rhyme or reason to the tiles or monsters that appear. The issue is that you need certain tiles to complete quests. If these tiles never appear you are just stuck. Repetition is the only way to pass certain stages, so if you can’t progress just keep going and eventually it will happen.

So, You Must Build a Boat, it’s a good game and an even better app. Go buy it for the bathroom times. Sometimes YMBAB is frustrating but most of the time it’s enjoyable. You Must Build a Boat is available on virtually every platform: iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux.


You Must Build a Boat the Boat

You Must Build a Boat
Final Thoughts
I really solid and fun mobile game that's actually a real game. No pay to win here.
The Goods
Interesting spin on tile matching
Easy to learn but difficult to master
The Bads
High difficulty
Some screens aren't passable

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