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Alien Covenant Prologue #AlienDay Alien Covenant Prologue #AlienDay


Alien Covenant Prologue



Since the announcement of the release date for Alien Covenant, our excitement has been growing here at NerdLifeTX.  And just to further stir the pot, Fox has released a new trailer with the Alien Covenant Prologue on #AlienDay (LV-4-26). This trailer is three minutes of narrative glue between Ridley Scott’s 2012 Prometheus and the upcoming Alien Covenant movie.  In this release we get to see Elizabeth repair David during their trip back to the Engineer Homeworld.  David then places Elizabeth into some form of stasis for the journey.  The ship that Elizabeth commandeered at the end of Prometheus drops out of FTL into a foreign atmosphere.  Most excitedly, we get to see what looks like hundreds of the engineers on the ground below.  Check out this trailer!

This trailer is three minutes of narrative glue…

Bonus: Watch Adam Savage from MythBusters fame visit the set of Alien Covenant. He takes a look at the materials used to construct the alien ship’s interior and compares it with older set building techniques.

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