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Sine Tempore Tabletop Strategy Game Sine Tempore Tabletop Strategy Game

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KickStarter Watch: Sine Tempore



We regularly dig through the mass of KickStarter non-sense to bring you the projects that we think are going to turn out awesome. This time we are going to take a look at a tabletop game called Sine Tempore developed by Ludas Magnus Studio.

Sine Tempore Miniatures

We are probably jumping the gun a little bit but Sine Tempore isn’t on KickStarter yet, not until May 25th 2017, but it looks really awesome. Sine Tempore is a co-operative team based colonization game.

The game has incredibly beautiful miniatures, a very interesting concept, cards, and an assortment of maps. Honestly these types of games can get boring without enough things for me to look at and throw around. If you like sci-fi this might be worth checking out on May 25th.

Sine Tempore Maps


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