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Top 3 Witch Movies to Watch This Weekend Top 3 Witch Movies to Watch This Weekend


3 Witch Movies to Watch this Weekend

A short list of witch movies that will make you slightly uncomfortable and over think EVERYTHING.




First, allow me to preface this with the thought that these witch movies are ones I REALLY liked if I wanted to watch a scary movie, and of course at Halloween.  I love witch movies, so naturally, I’ve seen a lot of them.  I tend to lean towards movies that make you think, re-think, and over-think the plot.  Without further delay, here are my recommendations for Witch movies to get you through October.

  1. The VVitch: A New-England Folk Tale
    Let me just say, this movie is epic in many, many ways.  If you’re looking for an actual witch movie with a New-England backdrop, this is it!  My only warning is that the dialogue is very “Shakespearean” in nature and may require subtitles and a little extra thought.
  2. The Blair Witch Project
    Yeah, yeah.  We all know this is a good movie.  It would almost be remiss if I didn’t add this movie to the list.  I enjoyed this movie has a high schooler and still do to this day.  This particular movie was a key player in starting some of the more common cult movies along with the “close and personal” type of cinematography.  Either way, it’s a classic October watch.
  3. The Skeleton Key
    This one can be loosely lumped into the “witch” category, but it’s still a great movie to keep you on the edge of your seat.  I recommend this because I really like plot twists.  If you enjoy a movie that takes you off the edge and back again, this is your movie.  

I always joke that I need intermissions between these movies because they make me so anxious and on edge, but, I’d advise making this weekend a witchin’ weekend with my top 3 pics.  

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