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Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse




 Title Screen


Thanks to the guys on the Continue show I’m going to borrow a page from their book and promote Fantasy Month!!!  And what would be more fantasy than a huge castle……of illusion? (Question: If it’s an illusion is it really there?)  Now Mickey Mouse has been many things, a sorcerers apprintace, Jack from Jack in the Beanstalk, Bob Cratchet from a Christmas Carol, and even a Musketeer er…..Mouseketeer?  And in this game he plays…..Mickey Mouse.   All kidding aside there have been some really good Disney games made: Duck Tales, Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Mickey Mousecapade……okay maybe they all weren’t winners, but still 9 times out of 10 they have been really good.



The story here is pretty basic, everyone in the land is happy including Mickey and Minnie however looming in the darkness in a big castle is an evil witch named Mizrabel who is jealous of Minnie’s beauty and youth so she comes with a plan to capture Minnie and still her as fore mentioned beauty and youth.  And it’s up to Mickey to traverse the mysterious CASTLE OF ILLUSION!!!!  The object of the game is to collect the 7 gems of the castle so you can build a rainbow bridge to the Witch’s tower and confront her to get Minnie back.  The levels are very well designed and very pleasant to the eyes and is very Disney indeed.

Mickey and Minnie





The gameplay in Castle of Illusion is pretty standard get from point A to point B without dying with the occasional secret to find here and there.  Now that sounds easy enough, but once you get to the later levels they become a bit more linear and it’s very easy to get turned around and fall into the death traps that are hidden.  A pretty standard platformer with you having kill enemies ala’ Mario and jumping on them.  The trick is you have to use Mickey’s butt though or it doesn’t work.  This can be pretty tricky sometimes especially in the boss battles cause the music is going and everything is hectic most of the time.  The game has very clever bosses however once you figure their pattern out they aren’t all that difficult.  Now that’s fine with me because half the fun is getting to the bosses each level has a spot or two where it changes things a bit to keep it fresh.  I’m not wanting to spoil anything because if you don’t read anything on the internet about this game and just play it each world is like a new surprise and not knowing what sort of boss you will face is half the fun.


Graphics and Sound:

As I’ve said before the graphics in this game are wonderful.  Anything with Disney on it in my opinion is going to be a work of art.  With the exception of you Mousecapade!  Games like this and let’s say Aladdin and Jungle Book, etc. etc. etc. They did a very good job to make them look like their cartoon counterparts.  Also the sound and music in this game are phenomenal I think my favorite sound in the whole game is the sound it makes when you hit the bosses’ weak spot.  I cannot stress enough how good the visuals look and how wonderful the sound and music is for this game for even being on the Sega Genesis it pushes it to the limits.


Final Thoughts and Conclusion:

For me even to this day I love it as much as I did when I was a kid having replayed it recently made me love it all over again.  Now you may not play it all the time after you finish it, but like any good cartoon or movie you would come back to it just to experience the sense of adventure over and over again.  Also you can’t save or get passwords and would have to finish the game in one sitting unless you pause the game, but it also isn’t a very long game maybe a couple of hours at most.  That’s not where the greatness in this game lies, it’s the charm and the great fun to be had inside.  I would recommend this game to anyone and dare them to not fall in love with it also.


Hope everyone will come back this weekend while I continue fantasy month with a game that actually has swords and magic in it!

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