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Retro Review – Lunar The Silver Star



Back in the day…let’s say around the early 90’s RPG’s on home consoles were sort of rare you had your Final Fantasy on SNES and of course all the RPG’s on the NES.  Even Sega had some decent RPG’s including the Phantasy Star series.  However how most everyone knows these didn’t take off at first and stayed under the radar pretty much.  Now you ask anyone who is into retro games anyway and you’ll get all the Squaresoft products.  For the hundreds of us who owned Sega Cd’s we were able to enjoy this rare gem.  You cannot and I repeat CANNOT compare this to Final Fantasy or any other popular RPG of the time or it will diminish your playing experience.  You have to go into this with an open mind.  And being a child or even a man child you can still thoroughly enjoy Lunar The Silver Star.



The story focuses around a boy named Alex who idolizes a man called Dyne.  As the story progresses you find out that Dyne was a great man who saved the world with the help of three other companions.  Now without spoiling too much because the story does have a plot twist or two maybe even three I forgot.  I’ll give you the Cliff Note’s version a bad guy shows up it’s your job to find dragons and become the DragonMaster and save the world.  How you get to these points though is where the game excels and with the help of anime cut scenes will really draw you into the story.  As good as the story and the cut scenes there are however slow parts in between and sometimes it can be confusing on where you should go next or even how to get there.



Gameplay is your pretty standard RPG go from town to town, fight, level up, go into a cave, fight a boss, so on and so forth.  There are some minor complaints I have such as during battle it’s pretty cut and dry and most of the time you can just let the AI fight for you.  Also as far as I can tell with most RPG’s leveling up and stats don’t really amount to anything.  As long as you have the most expensive equipment you can take just about anything on.  Also in the menu’s you have no idea what your spells or items that you acquire do it’s just pretty much a guessing game.  It’s not as bad as Phantasy Star, but it’s also not as detailed as Final Fantasy.  Remember I said don’t compare this game to any of the other ones though!  It’s not perfect however it’s not terrible either.  The magic animations weren’t really anything to write about either later in the game you can do dragon attacks but they are really just like the other spells just a dragon animation on the beginning.


Sound and Music:

The sounds in this game weren’t really all that good to be honest.  Sounds were really pretty dull and didn’t really do anything for me.  The music on the other hand was hit or miss.  There were some really memorable tunes like in some of the caves and the city of Vane was a pretty good one too.  The thing that made this RPG unique at the time was the cut scenes and it was actually like watching a bit of Anime.  Also at times the music didn’t seem to fit the location a couple of times the music was all calm and soothing and then BAM monster attack!  Also I remember having the option of taking the CD and putting into a regular CD player and being able to listen to the tracks.

White Dragon


It was pretty hard for me to not have the nostalgia glasses on for this one.  Having replayed it I found myself bored with battles for the most part and really just letting the AI fight for me as I progressed through the story.  I really still do like the story quiet a bit I know a boy saving the world has been done to death but I actually felt like I was becoming stronger until the end of the game.  I know people hate random battles and all that, but they really should just get over that.  Also I really care what my people had in ways of weapons as long as I knew they could use it and it was really expensive so it had to be good right?  It’s not perfect by any means, but at the same time it’s not terrible.   After I write this I’m going to check out other reviews and see what other people thought about it.  I know there have been remakes out there and they may have improved alot of things, but I have to go with what I’ve played and that was the good ole Sega CD! Remember Genesis does what Nintendon’t!


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