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The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past Review




I was going to do my review on the second Lunar game, but it’s taking a bit longer then I had anticipated.  So I figured I’d finish Fantasy Month up with a bang!  I try to refrain from picking super popular games as I’m sure this one needs no introduction.  As I did with Super Mario World all I can do is give my opinion to why to me this is the best one of the series and probably always will be.  I used to play this game so much that I even drew my own maps in a notebook and some of the items a “homemade strategy guide” if you will.  Just like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World there are groups who love this game and of course Ocarina of Time.  Granted Ocarina is a darn fine game, but it didn’t leave an impression as much as this game has.  When the Super Nintendo came out some of the games like Castlevania, Super Mario, Metroid, and also Zelda were basically upgrades of all the favorites we grew up with.  Keeping the same core game with slight improvements to controls, music, and of course graphics.  Anyway before I ramble on too much longer on with the review……



This story at the time was the first of its kind.  You’re a boy who is awaken on a rainy night to your dad leaving to go to the castle.  Now it just snowballs from there and like i said as most everyone knows of this game I can spare all the details.  It first starts out you have to get three pendants to get the master sword to combat evil.  Granted the story isn’t the epic one that Ocarina was, but it still keeps you going to the end.


Much like the first Zelda game for the NES gameplay is from a top down perspective.  However it’s much more streamlined and you can go diagonal!  I remember first playing this game and being blown away of the way it felt after playing the first Zelda.  Just like any good Zelda game this has it’s fair share of good dungeons and great big bosses with pointy teeth! I will say that Link to the Past has one thing that Ocarina doesn’t to me it seems that the action picks up pretty quickly.  You start out without a sword and a shield fairly quickly.  In Ocarina it does take a good bit to get started.  The gameplay in this game really is top-notch and is never boring one bit.




gameplay2 gameplay3


Sound and Music:

As I’ve said before the SNES had some of the best game music I’ve ever heard.  This game had some of the most memorable music in my opinion.  It doesn’t hit you until you leave the church after the castle level.  As soon as you hear the theme you’re ready to set off on your adventure.  If I had to nitpick the only sound I didn’t really care for that they could have transferred over was the sound that your beam makes when it comes out of your sword.  ( I did love that sound so much!)


It’s terribly difficult to write about a game that has such a legacy as this one does.  Everyone in their grandmother has either played this game or has heard it or watched “Let’s Play’s” on the Youtubes.  This game to me is the Super Mario World of the Zelda franchise.  They can keep coming out with Zelda games and they will be fun and keep me intrigued, but they will never capture me like this game has.  I could play this one over and over and never grow tired of it.


I appreciate everyone reading and would love some feedback.  Let me know your opinions on Zelda games Also please do join me for Sci-fi month next month where I actually have everything lined up for once. Things will get a bit hairy in December! Like and comment and all that good stuff! Thanks again!




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