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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure (PC) Review




Some of my earliest memories of PC gaming go back to the late 80’s and the early nineties.  We didn’t have alot of games, you could probably count on one hand how many games we had.  One was Castle Wolfenstein 3D and The Secret of Monkey Island 2.  Our one other game was the game I want to talk about, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade PC game.




Everyone should know the story of The Last Crusade.  If not here is a quick recap, the Nazi’s want the Holy Grail and Indiana Jones has to stop them. (More or less.)  This game follows very closely to the movie with slight variations here and there which allows you to do things that were not in the movie.  Staying true to the movie makes it seem like you’re actually following Indy on the adventure and making choices for him.  Some are good and some are hilariously bad.



Back in the day Point and Click adventures ruled the gaming scene.  Granted that some of the earlier ones like this one and Monkey Island  relied heavily on the player to use the most powerful processor chip ever created.  (Imagination)  Instead of getting pictures of things that you picked up it would just be text.  As I said before it’s a point and click game and it will involve alot of exploring and trial and error.  This would probably turn alot of players away because before the invention of the internet it would sometimes be very easy to get stuck.  For the poor souls that didn’t have time for all that there was hotline you could call for a fee of course.  Thanks to the internet though it makes this game probably playable in a few hours instead of the 8-10 hours it would take without someone who likes to cheat.  The game would also keep track of your score through IQ points this depended on which puzzles you solved and how you solved them.  Also this was one of the rare Lucasfilm games where your main character could die.  There are also some other sections to look out for because if you miss a certain clue and continue through the game you will get stuck and have to start over.  This was also one of the games that came with tons of extras in the box.  Such as snippets from the Grail Diary which you had to use while playing the game.




Sound & Music:

Being an early PC game the sound and music are very scarce.  Also depending on what sort of sound card you had the music and sounds sounded better on some PC’s than it did on others.  We didn’t have a sound card we just used the speaker in the PC and it sounded pretty bad.  However since buying on Steam the music is better and the sounds are decent when there are some.  It has the music that we all know and love such as the Raiders theme and such.  In alot of the sections it will be pretty quiet and sort of bland.  Being so early in PC gaming it was better than nothing.


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I have such fond memories of this game, there weren’t too many decent movie licensed games back in the day.  I loved this game back then and I really love this game now.  It takes you through the whole movie and then some and if you do your best to stay away from walk-throughs you will have a much better experience and will feel more accomplishment for finishing it.  As I mentioned before it’s available on Steam, you can buy it separately for $5 or buy a Lucasfilm Adventure Pack for $10 I would recommend the pack because you will get 4 awesome adventure games.  This genre has been in decline in the past and it’s sad.  However with Monkey Island Tales and Back to the Future coming from Telltale games it could be making a come back.  I highly recommend this game for anyone that likes to think.


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