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The Dig Review



Next on the Lucasarts Spectacular is……Lucasarts The Dig




The story is something I really find one of the highlights of the game. It starts out that satellites pick up an asteroid


heading on a collision course to impact with the Earth. However you won’t find any Bruce Willis or Ben Affleck here to help you out! You do however have Commander Boston Low (voiced by Terminator 2’s Robert Patrick.) Also you’ll have a German Archaeologist and Geologist Dr. Ludger Brink, Maggie Robbins a linguistics expert and reporter, pilot Ken Borden and NASA technician Cora Miles. Now you’ll just take control of Commander Low, but the others with the exception of 2 will play a very important part. The story has a few twists and turns which I really don’t want to spoil.


The game play doesn’t stray too far from the typical point and click adventure. There will be back tracking, there will be puzzles and constantly trying to combine items to advance in the story. Of course you could always walkthrough the game, but that would take out most of the fun. It has it’s fair share of puzzles which in a way or sort of picky. If you don’t do something exactly right you will not progress, and some of these can be pretty tricky. There’s not alot to say about the gameplay, the gorgeous scenery will have you entranced though. Even though you’ll see alot of the same places they may get sort of bland. However the music and sound effects make it ever more beautiful.

gameplay2 gameplay3 gameplay4

Music & Sound:

Lucasarts games usually have some amazing music, this one however is one of the best I can think of. It draws you in and plays at key moments in the story. Also the sound effects are spot on. You can hear thunder in the distance and alot of the sci-fi sounds are also unique. This has to be one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a game and I find myself listening more and more to it.



This game is one outstanding adventure that I find myself playing once a year. It’s like watching a really good movie and with the Lucasarts humor and wonderful story telling I highly recommend it to anyone who can tolerate point and click adventures. What wonders wait inside the asteroid? Only one way to find out and it’s to dig.



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