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Mega Man Review



With the recent Nintendo Direct and all the news they brought with it, there is buzz all over the place now!  Between the new Mario 3D game, Also Donkey Kong coming back.  Probably the most refreshing news to most Nintendo gamers is the return of the Blue Bomber (AKA Mega Man!)  As a child I never got to experience the first Mega Man on NES.  I think this had to do with the poor box art that came with it.  Showing Mega Man as a full-grown man in a blue and yellow suit, and carrying a gun. Needless to say he looked nothing like this:



Does the high difficulty still make this a game people should play today? Let’s see where Mega Man first began 26 years ago. I will not be going too much into history and what not for Mega Man.  Yes he was called Rock Man in Japan, if you’re curious about that part of the it than there are many pages dedicated to that.  Now on to the review!

Megaman Title

Back in the NES days the company known as Capcom would dominate most of the gaming market with some very high quality and very fun games.  Duck Tales, Bionic Commando, Trojan, and the list goes on and on.  Anytime I saw their bluish purple box anywhere I had to pick it up and check out the game on the back.  Nowadays I can’t really vouch for some of Capcom’s recent releases and DLC choices.  However that’s not what I’m here to talk about, Capcom made their claim to fame with their arcade titles and arcade ports.


There wasn’t really much in the way in story on this one.  An evil Dr. known as Dr. Wily created 6 robot overlords that you had to defeat in any particular order and then you had to take Wily down.  Later in the series this formula would get tweaked here and there and it would get fleshed out a bit more.  Here however it’s pretty simple just beat bad guys and use their powers against each other.  Some were better than others and pretty easy to figure out. (Cold beats Fire and vice versa)  Not to say that this simple formula didn’t leave you satisfied when you finally did manage to trudge the brutal stages.



The game play is a really well done side scrolling platformer.  However as unforgiving as it is, Nintendo teaches us that in some instances, if we don’t hurry and run through certain areas and just be patient, games are usually easier. Each robot boss at the ends of levels feel different and you have to use a different strategy for each one.  The times that I did die I never really felt like it was the game’s fault, but my own.  Eventually after so many deaths you begin to figure out how not to die.

gameplay gameplay2 Gameplay3 gameplay4


Sound and Music

Granted the original doesn’t have the kick butt title music that the second one had, it is still great.  With that being said though as soon as you start-up in any of the stages the music will stand out to you. Games 1-3 had some of the best music the series has to offer.  The sounds would be really hard to describe they aren’t bad by any means they just sound “different” The sound and music really help keep this game going, if you’re as big a nerd as me you’ll find yourself humming them while you’re playing and even way after your done also.



Overall Mega Man is a really well made game, even with the difficulty you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t give this game a go.  You will die, and die, and die, and did I mention you’ll die?  That’s apart of the experience and the learning curve of the game is trial and error.  One of the hidden gems of playing Mega Man is trying to playthrough without guides or walkthroughs. Try your best to figure out and guess which power beats each robot boss without pulling your hair out. Mega man will definitely test your endurance, I’d be surprised if you didn’t even sweat a little.

I really regret not trying this game as a child, I’m sure 8-year-old me would have made it through it.  I’m not scared to admit that 33-year-old me still struggles in the some spots.  And that doesn’t make it a bad game, if I could breeze through it then what sort of accomplishment would that be?  Nintendo made hard games that’s a fact.  Playing some of Nintendo’s more modern games make it seem like they’re holding my hand most of the time.  I’m not counting the company out though.

With all of the Nintendo announcements one of the biggest was the inclusion being Mega Man in the new Smash Bros. I’m hoping they don’t make Mega Man super lame, please do him justice Nintendo.  I want him to be one of those characters that if you see someone pick him or if someone sees you pick them they know they have to battle pretty hard!  I have faith in you Nintendo! Don’t let me down…….or else!


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