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Godus! It’s a Thing



Growing up I played so many different games I couldn’t even begin to recall most of them. I lived in front of the TV, my Nintendo being the best friend a chunky and awkward child could have. One distinct memory sticks with me to this day. It was a memory of a game that changed my life. This game gave me complete control of my virtual world. This game made me realize I am the master and commander. This game reminded me that in this world I was a God… literally. This game was Populous.


After getting a taste of this unique bit of amazing I was instantly hooked. For some reason this genre  has always stuck with me as my favorite. Anytime I get a chance to explore this unique type of sim, that fat little boy inside me starts to do fat little flips.

Recently, I had heard little bits and pieces of information regarding a new game by Populous creator Peter Molyneux but for some reason I didn’t pay much attention (after all the past few Peter Molyneux games have been less than stellar). That is until today when Kotaku’s Leo Wichtowski posted a video of gameplay for Molyneux’s new game Godus. The fat kid inside me just vomited everywhere while punching himself in the eyes! This game makes me want to smash my hands through the screen and hug this virtual bit of awesome.

Godus puts you in the driver seat of the God-mobile. Indirectly influence your people, help them grow and prosper. Or light their faces on fire with your mighty omnipotence because, after all, you get to be God! A card collecting mechanic was even throw in as a way to make me (and all you TCG/nerdy collecty types) crap your best pair of long shorts.


Godus is available for early access on Steam (currently in BETA). You know you want to get it. Excuse me whileI break out the ole’ credit card and lock myself in a closet with my laptop, a 2-liter of my favorite citrus mountain refreshment, and a crate of cheesy puff snacks. It’s childhood time.

If this interests you check out Populous, Populous 2: Trials of the Olympian GodsPopulous The Beginning, Black and White, or Black and White 2


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