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Valve Releases Steam Controller Gameplay



Dear Internet … this is Valve,
We are aware you think the Steam Controller is terrible. Yes it looks kinda weird, everyone hates trackpads, there is not a thumb stick or a d-pad and it may or may not have been brought back from the future. Oh, and yes there are no traditional buttons of any type – deal with THAT.

Really, it’s going to be an awesome controller. We really want you to believe us.

See, we told you this thing totally works! You can play all sorts of games and you won’t get any crazy hand cramps or thumb lesions at all. We hope you at least try it out before you break out the pitchforks and rocket launchers. Also Half-Life 3, that is all.


Valve (We made Half-Life)


-This has been a satirical letter brought to you by and not an actual letter from valve. The controller does work insanely well though. I mean just look at it. That thing looks amazing.

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