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Gaming With Girls: Rayman Legends Mini-Review



I finally get to sit down and play Rayman Legends. This LONG anticipated (thanks to a wonderful floating release date)  game has proven itself to be worth the wait. It brings back the classic, what I like to call, Mario Bros retro platformy goodness to my life while still adding new twists to the ever challenging Rayman world. So many characters to play with, unlockable goodies, and even

the now popular  “you cant go on to the next level because you haven’t rescued this many whatevers from the stage”.

image of rayman platforming action

The concept of collecting “X” of “Y”in Rayman Legends is guilty of forcing the player to actually explore the stages. It really makes a makes you stop and look at your surroundings. You really don’t get to wiz through the game as, I am sure, many people tend to do. I admit it, I am a Top skimmer, I blaze through a level and mark it off of my to-do list forever!

The really huge piece of this game that grabbed my attention are the music levels. The music is amazing and make you want to play these stages over and over again. Full disclaimer, I wore out the demo before we even got the game. I could play Black Betty with my eyes closed on a daily basis.

The game all in all has great graphics and is pretty easy to follow. Also, once you have completed the game, you have the option to play the daily and weekly challenges that pit you up against other players in the Wiiverse. This is such a throwback to the classic arcade high-score challenge. Beating scores and unlocking awesome new content really kept me firing up the game on a regular basis. So if you are looking for something to pick up for your dusty Wii U, this is it!

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