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Retro Review Fester’s Quest




It’s been so long since I’ve actually written anything I’m not even sure I remember how to do it! I will give it my best shot though and hopefully it will come back to me.  Sorry for such the long break I have been however putting tons of Youtube videos up on our channel and also adding gameplay videos to the reviews that I have already written.  Anyway enough of my excuses! On with the review!




For anyone who’s seen the Angry Video Game Nerd’s videos surely remember the video he did on this game.  I mean he dressed up as all the characters from the show!! I’ll be the first to admit that this was hilarious and I still watch it from time to time.  However I also don’t think he actually had that many bad things to say about the game.  It does have a few places where it can be tedious, but if you give it a chance and actually figure this game out it’s really not all that bad.


“The Addams family are not very strange, in fact they are quite smart. You see,
it was Ma-Ma who always warned of the alien UFO coming to invade their city.
All the other Addams thought she was crazy, but Ma-Ma, using her crystal ball,
put a protective spell on the Addams family house.

As Uncle Fester was moonbathing one night, the fabled UFO appeared and beamed
all the people in the town aboard. When the Aliens scanned the Addams house for
life forms, they found none, thanks to Ma-Ma’s spell.

It is Gomez who must protect the Addams house, so Fester took his trusty gun
and set out on his quest to rescue all the townspeople from the Alien UFO.”

This is such an odd story for the Addams family.  Granted I know they had to do something, but the fact that the Addams family would care that the towns people would be taken by aliens doesn’t really make sense to me.  I guess on one hand they’re just super nice that way, but I figured since the people didn’t like them let them just stay captured.  Maybe I’m just mean that way I don’t know.





3/4 of this game is from the top down perspective while the other 1/4 is a 3d type map.  Most of this game reminds me of the top down sections from another Sunsoft game Blaster Master.  Now you can check out the gameplay video below or on the Youtube channel to get an example of the gameplay.  I honestly have no issues with playing this game.  I do know all the little tricks to playing to though, but still.

Sound And Music

Sunsoft games have always been known for their excellent music and sound effects.  Blaster Master being some of my favorite video game music and Batman had some very good music as well.  However the music in Fester’s Quest isn’t the greatest.  The main theme at the title screen is pretty good. Also the music in the “overworld” is decent too.  It’s just the long treks in the sewers that really just make you want to fall asleep.   I’ve heard worse, but I’ve also heard better.  The music just isn’t the greatest and none of this music ever just randomly pops in my head or anything.


Overall Conclusion

I honestly think the Nerd missed the mark on this one.  Although not one of the most groundbreaking games it’s also not really all that bad.  As I’ve said before there are way worse games on the NES. That being said, this game is incredibly easy to pick up and play (once you figure out how to use your items). It’s still a fun distraction that at times is challenging and enjoyable in my opinion.  I’d say give it a shot and I’m sure you can find it relatively cheap somewhere.  I bought my copy at a Con for $3 and had some of the guys from RetrowareTV sign mine. I am sure it’s definitely worth that much at least.




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