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It’s So New: Craft The World



At this point, it would be safe to say 90% of the world knows what Minecraft is. You explore an area, mine for minerals, cut down trees, make things, don’t die. This type of crafting game has literally blown up. You can find crafting games of all types. Like zombies? Check out 7 days to Die or Project Zomboid. Would you prefer a retro style crafting game? Terraria will we your whistle. Is space your favorite flavor? Starforge or Starbound will be there to bring you enjoyment. Crafting games are everywhere and they are quite enjoyable.

The problem is, once you have played a few, you know exactly what you are going to get. This will hold fairly true until you try Craft the World. Craft the World takes the crafting genre and mixes it with a real-time strategy game. Instead of controlling a single character (ala minecraft/terraria/starbound) you control gnomes. As your gnomes complete objectives you will gain experience. This experience will unlock new recipes and more gnomes. Beyond this little twist-up you will know what to do and how to do it if you have ever touched any other crafting game.

Craft the World is really fun, easy to pick-up, and will easily make you lose track of your days. Currently Craft the World is in early access so the game is not perfect. Luckily updates are being performed on a regular basis and the game is very playable. You will experience the occasional game breaking bug (your home base/portal will spawn in the water) and fairly unbalanced gameplay (goblins will walk all over you early in the game) but they can easily be forgiven.

Right now Craft the World is available (early access) on Steam for PC/Mac for $14.99.

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