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its so new shovel knight its so new shovel knight

It's So New!

It’s So New: Shovel Knight



Most people can identify with the simplicity of retro games. We all know to kill a turtle you jump on it’s head. If a fireball is slowly hurling towards you, then try jumping over it. The 8-bit world prepared us for gaming. Yacht Club Games understands this and has done the entire world a favor with their upcoming release Shovel Knight. In Shovel Knight you are a knight with a shovel on a quest to save the Shield Knight.


Shovel Knight Character

There are no frills or gimmicks, just a story line that is as true as time. Gameplay borrows mechanics from the likes of MegaMan and Legend of Zelda II. Move from left to right, kill everything that is in the room, collect treasure, and move on. Repeat this cycle until you reach the boss and prove your superiority. Along with the side-scrolling platforming side of Shovel Knight, you are also given the opportunity to level-up your knight with a combination of armor and magic items. This adds a very deep yet easily accessible element to the gameplay. Shovel Knight takes all of these familiar mechanics and mixes them up with a very fresh look at the 8-bit art style of the NES.

Shovel Knight is scheduled for released on June 26th 2014 and will be available on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux or Nintendo WiiU and 3DS.

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