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Quest of Dungeons Review

Quest of Dungeons developed by Upfall Studios is a game that I fell in love with the moment the first scene loaded. The game brings out the emotions of being a kid and playing with that precious retro console, which …



Quest of Dungeons developed by Upfall Studios and is a game that I fell in love with the moment the first scene loaded. The game brings out the emotions of being a kid and playing with that precious retro console, which still holds a special place in my heart. As you start playing the game, you may think to yourself “I’ve seen this game before!”, and that’s because you have. Just remember that familiarity can be a good thing.

So It Begins

You begin Quest of Dungeons with a hilarious opening scene which takes you completely by surprise (no spoilers here). The player is then given the choice to play as; a Fighter, a Shaman, a Wizard, or an Archer. After choosing your favorite character (or your wife’s favorite, thanks dear), you begin your journey to defeat the evil one who has stolen all the light in the land.

Quest of Dungeon You Shall Not Pass


As you are cast into the dark dungeon, you will make your way around each floor searching for magical books, gold to spend in the shop, as well as other objects that will help you defeat the evil light thief. As you work your way through the dungeon, you’re forced to maneuver thru traps and fighting evil foes, most of which taunt you that you are about to die. Once you have been killed, the game starts over.

There are no checkpoints in this game, allowing the player the opportunity to enjoy “perma-death”. Now, if you are planning on remembering where all of the traps and monsters reside, think again. Quest of Dungeons has randomly generated levels that change every time you die, so DON’T DIE!! I found that this is what kept me so intrigued with this game. Every playthrough is like trying to figure out a new puzzle, full of new frustrations. Along with challenging gameplay, Quest of Dungeons has a great feel. The colors are rich and each level has its own theme and new creatures to defeat.

Quest of Dungeon Fireball


Music in Quest of Dungeon is incredibly amazing, some of the most relaxing music I have had for a game. The sounds remind me of my early childhood. Controls are very simple which make moving around the map mostly effortless, with only a few hiccups here and there. Some of these issues occurred while fighting an enemy and somehow I would end up doing the Macarena. Dancing is not the best option when battling for your life against an evil baddie. This is the point in the game where I would begin screaming.

For me, Quest of Dungeons is a game that kept me glued to my seat and made me frustrated at the same time. I like my games to give me a challenge throughout the whole game. This game delivered that and then some. Quest of Dungeons is a great game for the newbie as well as the experienced gamer. It’s just FUN period! If you find yourself looking for a new challenge that will keep you hooked, pick up this game, go to the store and grab a case of Code Red, and go to town.

Quest of Dungeon Fire Fighter

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