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The Evolve Big Alpha is Here

Evolve was here for the Halloween 2014 weekend. It brought its claws, firebreath, and electricity. Playable this past weekend on XBox One and PC, gamers are sinking their teeth into some intense four-versus-one competition[…]



Evolve was here for the Halloween 2014 weekend. It brought its claws, firebreath, and electricity. Playable this past weekend on XBox One and PC, gamers are sinking their teeth into some intense four-versus-one competition. Unfortunately, the Big Alpha is an equally large letdown for PS4 players as the software doesn’t work on the latest firmware.

Now that you’re in the game, let’s see how to play some monsters.

Evolve Monster | Goliath

In the Alpha, if you get to play as the monster, you will start as the Goliath. He has fire breath, a leap attack, a rock throw, and a dashing battering ram style attack. You start weak and lean. To get strong enough to kill the four hunters who are coming, you have to eat up. Feeding creates a shield. If you have no shielding and you take damage, the life you lost is permanent. Once you have fed enough, you can evolve into your next form. You start with three skill points and four abilities that they can unlock. Evolving unlocks three more skill points. Each of the four abilities can max out at three skill points. So you can max out a skill at the start of the game or spread them out for more flexibility.

Once you spawn on the map, you want to run and hide while scavenging wildlife to get stronger and build up a shield. On XBox One, press B to crouch and enter stealth to avoid leaving tracks. If you scare birds into flying up, the hunters will be on to you. So you have to be wary of your surroundings, be sneaky, and feed up to be able to take the fight to the hunters. When playing as the hunters, you will want to try each style character out to learn their abilities to see what they are bringing to the team.

There are two ways to win the match as a monster. First, you could incapacitate all the hunters and their pet at the same time. Alternatively, you can win by evolving to level three and then destroying the reactor on the map with your hands. At the end of a round, win or lose, you level up based on what you accomplished. As the Goliath, you want to spread out your damage output across your four skills. Once all four of them do a specific amount of damage across all of your games, you unlock another monster, the Kraken.

Evolve Monster | Kraken

Stealth is key as the Kraken. I would recommend getting to a high altitude point as soon as you spawn and glide as far as you can towards the center of the map. From there, take a few steps. Maybe even leave a few tracks on purpose. Then stealth and go in a different direction. I’ve gotten to play the Kraken exactly twice so far and have found that the Vortex ability is amazing. It blows your opponents away from you while doing good damage. I have enjoyed using the Aftershock ability (a point-blank area-of-effect electricity attack) for hunting wildlife then supplementing it with the increased feeding speed perk.

Don’t forget to climb up with the Kraken. From up high, your glide and vortex will save you. The Kraken also gets a lightning bolt attack and the ability to drop mines. The Kraken would do well to trap the hunters in a cavern once he evolves once or twice so he can focus directional damage.

Those tips should put you on the path of starting your own Monsters Inc. Strike fear into the heart of those hunters. Or just eat them.

[signoff]My name is Garry Gordon, and you can find me in-game as GtVSlayer. I am a writer and editor for The Classic Gamer, and have been asked to guest write for Gaming With Scissors. Time to get down with some Halloween Monster Mash.[/signoff]

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