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Primal Fears Review

Primal Fears is a game that you want to like, and you think “hey self, this will be an awesome experience”. Unfortunately that experience you are hoping for just never makes it to the party […]



Primal Fears is a game that you want to like, and you think “hey self, this will be an awesome experience”. Unfortunately that experience you are hoping for just never makes it to the party. You are just left to wonder through the hoard of bug like zombies searching for clues to what happened to this game.


In Primal Fears, you have the choice to play in either multiplayer or single player mode. My time with this game was in single player mode so that is where all of my experiences will be coming from. The game is simple you see, you only have three ways to attack your enemy; primary fire, secondary fire, and melee attack. I suggest you NEVER use the melee attack unless your karate instructor is Chuck Norris. Your encounter will end as poorly as one might imagine punching a zombie in the face ends.

Graphically, Primal Fears is not bad at all. It really adds quite a bit to your experience. The creatures look good and each one looks slightly different. While there are some graphical aspects that could use some touch ups, overall presentation is good enough to keep you involved in the game. The music on the other hand was just terrible. Imagine you are in the middle of a battle, killing your enemies, then after the death of said enemy the heart pounding music begins and leaves you wondering where the hell is the attack coming from?! Oh surprise IT NEVER COMES, leaving you on the dance floor by yourself just like that time in 7th grade! You know what I’m talking about, that awkward far-too-white hip-hop dance we all did.

Primal Fear Bloody Street


The game does give you the ability to “upgrade” your weapon or purchase a new gun. I use the word “upgrade” in the loosest of terms. The upgrades are CRAP. For example, you pay $750 in play money for an extra shot with your clip, and money is less than abundant in Primal Fears. One insanely expensive bullet should not qualify as an improvement.

Due to the slow progression and scarcity of zombie dollars, this leads to frustration as you have to kill every living creature just to get enough money to matter. Luckily all is not lost, during your endeavors you will come across boxes of green dollar signs which equals free money (thank God for the apocalypse bank). If not for these boxes of mystery money you would never make a dent in your gun collection.

Finally we come to my major complaint of the game, camera angle hell. As one might expect, the player uses the tradition WASD keys to move about the game world. Unfortunately you also have to use Q & E keys to simultaneously control the camera. It is unclear why camera duty was not assigned to mouse or some other sensible option. This hand cramp dance of moving and camera rotation is what really destroys the experience that Primal Fears brings. The rage really sets in once you are in the middle of a battle with mutant zombies, hurling toxic vomit in your face, and you are in a panic trying to change the angle of the camera while using your toes to help with all the keys you need to master.

Primal Fear Electricity


Overall, my experience with Primal Fears left me wanting more from the game. The gameplay is fun and will keep you entertained for a period of time, but that time period ran out quickly. I really wanted to like this game as I love post-apocalyptic games, but this was just a major let down. The graphics were a nice and the music was ok but the missions left me wanting a more dynamic game and story.

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