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Firewatch First Impressions



Some time ago I stumbled across the website for a game that I assumed was going to be terrible. I paid little attention to it solely based on what little information I found. All I knew was the title, Firewatch, and that it involved camping or firefighting or trees. See I had no idea. it was just outdoors something or another, and there was probably going to be exploring or crafting. Everything has CRAFTING! As I have a bad habbit of doing, I dismissed Firewatch simply because I am strange and do not trust things.

Fast forward to yesterday and my mind was melted a good amount and rightfully so. It’s of course GDC time and developers Campo Santo decided to finally release some content for their mysterious Firewatch. As it turns out there was a trailer that was released quite a few months back. I completely missed it and totally regret it.

Firewatch Sunset

Turns out Firewatch was not what I was anticipating at all. Hell, I don’t think I was anticipating anything really. I had all but forgotten about the thing. Firewatch is a first person mystery adventure where you explore the wilderness and according to the footage, solve some kind of a mystery.

Explore the world learn new skills, pickup new tools, have witty conversations with a funny woman over a walkie-talkie, and generally experience an in-depth world that you probably wouldn’t expect. Developers, Campo Santo have put together what looks to be an incredible experience. So far we have a launch trailer, a 17 minute demo, and a good number of screenshots to drool over.

Firewatch Tower

The animations for the game are stunning, the voice acting is so dead on, and the overall gameplay looks like something that would keep me involved for as long as necessary to complete the experience. Take a few minutes to check out the trailer and demo gameplay, then let us know your thoughts. Campo Santo, we have our eager eye on you, we can’t wait.

Check out the Firewatch website here —>
And the Campo Santo website here —>

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