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One Way Heroics Review

o the right, to the right, everything you own in that dimensional storage to the right. Or at least that’s what I imagine a pop song written about One Way Heroics would sound like since that’s the only direction you can go.



To the right, to the right, everything you own in that dimensional storage to the right. Or at least that’s what I imagine a pop song written about One Way Heroics would sound like since that’s the only direction you can go. If you wanted to go left you’d immediately be consumed by the ever encroaching darkness that’s eating the world. Move to the right!


1WH -KINGThe world of One Way Heroics is being consumed by a dark malevolent nothingness that is eating the world from the left side to the right, or so says the king. It’s your task to venture forth to the right, onward until you find the demon lord that is causing this catastrophe. All the while fighting creatures of various types, in a world procedurally generated as you explore. You’ll run across towns in need of a hero or bandits in need of some loot, even if the world is about to end. It’s your duty as this worlds hero, to venture on and slay the diabolical demon lord in hopes of stopping the end of the world.


Initially in One Way Heroics you start with two classes. A Swordsman who is a master of the blade, and a knight who is a stalwart warrior. These are only two of the classes available to play, the others will need to be unlocked by progressing through the game and gaining various different achievements and heroic ratings. With each play through, depending on the perks you choose, the levels you gain, the creatures you kill, and the amount of saves you use, you will be awarded a heroic rating. This rating is a sort of overall grade on how heroic you were. The score will then be used to award you with points that you can use to unlock new classes, perks, or even slots in something called your dimensional storage. The dimensional storage is something you can utilize at the end of a game if you happen to beat the final boss. You can then have the privilege of storing some of your equipment for your next hero to use. The amount of items, gear, classes, and variety in game worlds makes One Way Heroics stand firm in the rogue-like genre.



The graphics and sound are pretty standard for an 8bit game. One Way Heroics was made entirely using the Wolf RPG Editor so it’s not too flexible in the way of graphics and audio changes. To be honest there’s nothing in the game that could be said is outstanding.

Lasting Appeal

Replayability is what this game has in droves aside from the hordes of monsters you’ll come up against. That is, if the grind is something you like in a game. You’ll find yourself restarting over and over until you finally defeat the demon lord only to inevitably restart again on a harder difficulty or with a different class and play style altogether. For being a game made with an RPG maker One Way Heroics stands out as something to give a look at, especially at its price point.

One Way Heroics

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