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8 Eyes Review

Are you a fan of Castlevania? Looking for a game to play on that dusty NES? Maybe you should pick up 8 Eyes, but is it worth it?



Holy crap I took wayyyy to long of a break this time.  I’m surprised I even remember how to type let alone work all these fancy new buttons on the site!  I kid! I kid!  Anyway I’m sorry Steven Eidher at @StevenEidher on Twitter.  I really didn’t intend on being this lazy, but I did and I can’t take it back.  I feel however that I will start to do better.  Well anyway without any further ado on to the review!



“After hundreds of years of chaos, mankind has finally emerged from the ruins of nuclear war. This world of the distant future has once again flourished under the guidance of the Great King, who harnessed the power of the 8 Eyes to rebuild the planet. These strange jewels of power were formed at the eyes, or centers, of the eight nuclear explosions which nearly destroyed the Earth. In the wrong hands, the 8 Eyes could cause untold destruction… and now, they have been seized by the Great King’s eight Dukes, in a desperate bid to gain control of the world for themselves. They have banished the King to the nuclear wastelands, and already their squabbling threatens to plunge the world into war once again! The task of retrieving the 8 Eyes falls to you, Orin the Falconer, the bravest and mightiest of the King’s Guardsmen. With your fighting falcon, Cutrus, you must penetrate each of the eight Dukes’ castles. There you will face the Dukes’ soldiers, and battle strange nuclear mutants such as living skeletons, giant wasps, and mud men. You must defeat the monstrous Boss of each castle to retrieve the Jewel of Power he guards. Then, to complete your quest, return the 8 Eyes to the Altar of Peace to await the return of the Great King, so that he may finish the rebuilding of Earth. Your reward will be the eternal gratitude of all mankind!” What does all this mean? I dunno….. sounds like a great story anyway!



I have to admit when I saw this game advertised in magazines it always reminded me of Castlevania with the blocks and all that. This always made me want to play it at least, but I saw it wasn’t made by Konami so even at a young age I was picky!  Now after playing this game it does bear some resemblance to Castlevania in the way that you use your bird and all that.  Also instead of hearts for “ammo” you collect crosses. Basic control functions Control Pad: Press left and right to move left and right. Press up and down to move up and down stairs. A Button: Press to jump. B Button: Press to stab. Special functions for weapons and Cutrus 1) Control Pad Up + B: Release or recall Cutrus. 2) Control Pad Down + B: Cutrus attack (only if Cutrus is flying). 3) Control Pad Up + A: Use selected weapon (works only if there is enough “Item” power, and a weapon is selected). This game also has a feature that resembles another well known Nintendo game where you have 8 bosses to defeat.  You have to choose the correct boss first then his weapon defeats another boss….sound familiar?


Music and Sound

This game did feature some good music while playing.  I remember thinking while playing “This is a pretty good tune.” The sound effects were pretty average though.  Nothing stood out like Castlevania like the whip sounds or other effects.  I know it’s not fair to compare this game to Castlevania I’m just saying the sound effects were bland!


I’ve tried numerous times to give this game a chance.  I start out really well and then I die over and over.  Now I can’t fault this to the game just my skills.  However not knowing if I’m even selecting the correct first stage is pretty frustrating.  Now I could go online and cheat and check which order I should go in and it may make this game a lot more enjoyable.  This is a game that deserves another chance and isn’t that terrible.  Even though I mentioned Castlevania and some Mega Man elements this game is different and should be tried by anyone who likes a good action platformer!


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