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Starfall Tactics – A Tactical Space RTS

Check out the first look at the Starfall Tactics story trailer, Memories of War.




British accents? CHECK! Depressing music? CHECK!! Space explosions?! CHEEEEECK!!!!!!! Oh my goodness Starfall Tactics looks so exciting. Check out the new Starfall Tactics story trailer called Memories of War.

So, what do we know about the game?

  • Starfall Tactics is a real time strategy game
  • It’s in space
  • 3 races to choose from
  • Command fleet of spaceships
  • Large selection of ships
  • All spaceships will feature multiple areas of customization
  • Open world exploration
  • You can mine ….. space mines
  • Clan system
  • Built on the UnReal 4 engine so it’s going to be beautiful

Currently Starfall Tactics is in Kickstarter and has already been Greenlit by the Steam community. For more information on the game check out the Kickstarter campaign or visit their website What do you think about Starfall Tactics? Let us know in the comments below.

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