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How To: Keep Your World of Warcraft Files Backed Up

Learn how to backup your WoW addons and sync them across all of your computers



Tired of re-downloading all those World of Warcraft addons(or keeping them up-to-date) and settings up your interface each time you change computers?!  If so, this little tutorial will ease your heartache and might even let you cancel that Curse subscription.

 A few things you’ll need before we start:

  1. Dropbox – Sign up for Dropbox account, Download and Install.
  2. Link Shell Extension – Download and Install (You might have to install a couple windows prerequisites)

Lets get started!

Dropbox Setup

1. Open your Dropbox directory mine is E:Dropbox but yours will differ

2. Create the following directory structure in your Dropbox:

Dropbox Root


Saved Games


World of Warcraft









1. In a new explorer. Navigate to your AddOns directory in your WoW installation for example C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddons  (yours might be different)

2. Select all the directories in the AddOns directory by pressing CTRL+A

3. Copy selected directories by pressing CTRL+C

4. Switch to the Dropbox window and Navigate to “Saved GamesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddons”

5.  Paste the copied directories by pressing CTRL+V

6.  Wait until the copy process completes before continuing – You will have to wait until the initial upload to Dropbox completes before syncing to another computer.

7.  At this point you should have all your addons copied to your new Dropbox.  Now we will setup the Symbolic link back to your WoW Addon directory.  (Note:  You will need to do the following steps on every computer to intend to use).

8. Navigate back to your WoW installation.

9. Open Interface directory.

10.  Rename your AddOns directory to AddOns_BK (Just in case you want to revert the changes later).

11. Open your Dropbox window and navigate to “Saved GamesWorld of WarcraftInterface”

12. Right click on the AddOns directory.

13. Select “Pick Link Source”



14. Go back to your WoW installation window.  You should still be in the Interface directory.

15. Right click inside the window Select “Drop Link As…” and Select “Symbolic Link”

16. Your AddOns can now be synced across multiple computers.  If you update/delete/add AddOns from any synced computer it will automatically sync across all your computers!  Neat right!  No more updating addons several times.

Accounts & Interface Settings Syncage!

Now that you know the basic method this next part will be easy!

1. Go to your WoW installation – Nagivate to “WTFAccount” directory.

2. Select the directory with the account(s) you want to keep synced up.

3. Copy (CTRL+C) – Copy the directories

4. Go back to Dropbox window.  Navigate to “Saved GamesWorld of WarcraftAccounts”

5. Paste (CTRL+V) – Paste the directories

6. Go back to your WoW install window.  You can backup the directories(recommended) or delete them.

7. Go back to your Dropbox window.

8.  Select the directory for example: “SuperAccount1”

9.  Do the same as before:  Right click – Select “Pick Link Source”

10.  Go back to the WoW window.  Right click in the window – Select “Drop Link As…” then select “Symbolic Link”.

All your settings and interface setup will now be synced on Dropbox!  Keep in mind if you play on different screen resolutions you might need to tweak your settings each time when switching.

This same concept can be used with many other games that would benefit from backing up save game files, mods, or add-ons that do not support cloud-based storage (non-Steam games). 



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