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New Heroes of the Storm Warrior – Rexxar



This just in, Rexxar is the new Heroes of the Storm warrior character. Granted this wasn’t super secret news and most everyone already knew he was coming. The problem is I really feel like Rexxar won’t be popular, at least not a main in my rotation.

Is it just me or do his mechanics seem overly complex and underwhelming? Don’t get me wrong, I love the World of Warcraft lore. It is probably my all time favorite storyline from any video game. Rexxar played a fairly large part in the overall WoW world¬†and he is just a plain badass character.

Rexxar move set

My issue comes with the fact that his abilities focus on Misha instead of him dominating with his scary muscles. Having to manage your health along with a smelly bear might get tiresome. Plus, the only control you get is a charge, a heal, and the damage buff Bestial Wrath Hero ability. Come on Blizzard, if this bear is my main form of attack make it at least a little more entertaining.

Full disclosure, I have not had a chance to play the new character, so I cannot make a final conclusion on my man Rexxar. I do know that based on the video above, I will most likely be sticking with my current favorites and waiting patiently for the next few WoW heroes. I am probably wrong though. Don’t listen to me, or what I say. Just enjoy the video.

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