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Super Mario Maker Trailer and Impressions

It’s not very often that I get to do a game that just comes out. However I think this still qualifies as my realm of “retro” games.



It’s not very often that I get to do a game that just comes out.  However I think this still qualifies as my realm of “retro” games.  Now in a way this will be a review, but it won’t be.  This isn’t your typical “video game.” However this is as much of a videogame as let’s say Mario Paint, so take that how you will.  Now I’m not going to say anything about graphics or sounds or what not.  Although it does have some pretty awesome sounds when you place objects and what not.  Ok well without any other ramblings…

When I first heard about Super Mario Maker I was hoping that Nintendo would put a ton of effort into making this a special experience.  I’m a super Mario nut, I remember playing the original when it was new (That’s right I’m old). Recently everything I’ve seen up to this point has been nothing less than amazing.  Watching videos on YouTube of people trying the 100 Mario challenge is highly entertaining to say the least.


Finding a place to start to describe Super Mario Maker is tough.  Basically it’s just a create a level for you and all the internet.  There really is a ton of content that you can unlock, new items through just making levels and uploading them and all that.  Something like this has to be experienced rather than watched and read online.  Now seeing the levels that people come up with and watching people play them and die over and over again is rather fun though. That brings up another interesting point, Nintendo made it to where you have to be able to beat your own level before it can be posted online.  So you can make it as difficult as you want, but if you can’t get through it then it won’t count.


I’m writing this a little early this is more of a preview more than anything, but from what I see it looks like this will keep Nintendo going for a long time.  The possibilities for DLC and what not could be limitless.  I’m hoping to see more things like this in the future, but we will have wait and see. I’m really looking forward to what cames from Super Mario Maker.

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