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The Masterplan Review




 Set in the 1970’s, The Masterplan is a 2D top down real-time strategy game. Richard Nixon is the president and has decided to get tough on crime. As a drug dealer, you are thrown in prison and must escape. There you go, the story in a nutshell. You will go on twenty different missions or heists during the span of the game. As you progress you get a different array of heist tools such as a lockpick or a safe cracker. You will also unlock a variety of weapons from pistols, shotguns, and even tranquilizers.

The format of the game is pretty simple, you click one of the members of your crew and give him a command to complete a specific task. As I played the game I found that when the action got heavy I had trouble with the controls. The left mouse button selects a member of your party and the right mouse button tells him go here, pick this up, melee this guy, unlock door.

The Master Plan Review - The Squad

If you select a guy and then right click him it brings up his inventory. While that seems pretty easy when you are running a team with several characters it can get hectic and I found myself fumbling through the commands. At times I gave incorrect commands. I would want to pull out my weapon and scare a guard into doing something and would end up walking to him instead and he would start to melee me. I failed missions several times because of this. Truth be told, I don’t play that many PC games or especially real time strategy games so it may be better for other players.

Masterplan has a mechanic built in where you can slow down time in order to plan out your heist. This is a very nice mechanic to have as a lot of the heists have very large areas you are going to have to cover as well as a ton of guards and random civilians. You essentially go through the areas with your team and pick up keys, turn off cameras as they will alert the cops, subdue guards and carry them to areas they can be locked up, and cut power by smashing electrical boxes. In each heist you will find plans for the next heist or multiple heists you can choose from in the map menu.

The Masterplan Review - Bloody Pier

As you play missions you steal cash and you will use it to crew up and buy weapons. This style of progression system allows you to tailor your crew and arms to do the jobs the way you want to. Ultimately, you choose how you would like to play this game. You can go guns blazing or do it more stealthy if you like. The stealth is designed not unlike a lot of other games who incorporate it, and works really well in this game. Guards have a viewing radius which can be seen by the player, as do the cameras. The guards follow a set path and can only see a narrow area in front of them, but they can hear if you melee a box or smash a window. Some cameras pan from side to side but some a stationary and you can be seen by them for a little bit before they signal the cops.

The Masterplan Review - Police Station

The Masterplan is a very well made game. The Masterplan is a very easy to learn game, although I admit I occasionally miss clicked and put myself in some bad situations. The difficulty level was good with some pretty challenging heists later on.

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