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November 2015 Update – We are back!

We have been working non-stop on the site for the past few months to improve the overall user experience […]



I just wanted to give everyone out there a little update on the site. For quite a while now we have really checked out, which is a sad story. Everyone who contributes to the website had life things going on and we weren’t able to put everything necessary into the site to make it great. Fortunately we have made a few changes, fixed a few broken knobby-things, replaced a whozee-whats-it and are back.

What’s New?

We have always had a rotating staff that work on the site. Many people have come and gone, and some of us have been here since the beginning. Unfortunately this adds to the inconsistency of the product that we produce. We have made a few changes to the staff for what we all believe is going to be for the better. Currently we have a great group of guys that are incredibly talented and dedicated to the site. With the newest changes we should be able to produce new content on a much more regular basis with a far higher degree of quality.

The Actual Site?

We have been working non-stop for the past few months on the next site update. Along with website changes we will be actively creating new content for the site on a very regular basis. We will continue creating reviews and covering gaming news since that has always been our main focus. We will also be bringing back the podcast (insert applause), only with a different cast and a more refined focus. The podcast is scheduled to air twice a month on iTunes, PlayerFM, and an accompanying YouTube video.

We are also working on bringing back a number of our YouTube series like RetroCity, Let’s Wrastle, Project: MMO, as well all new content.


Yep, we are going to start using Twitch on a more regular basis. We won’t have a streaming schedule but that’s ok. Just make sure you follow us, that way you know what’s going on and what we are playing. If there are any games you would like to see, just make sure to let us know.

Top Secret?

Along with all of the site changes we are also working on 2 secret projects for our fans. Both of these projects are still early in development but I feel it necessary to tease them here because reasons, mainly I need stuff to fill up this incredibly exciting post.


If you have ever wanted to help support the Gaming With Scissors website, now you can. We currently have these fancy shirts in stock.

They are only $15 + $5 flat rate shipping. Once these are gone, we will have them in our Spreadshirt store for slightly more, so you should buy them now. Click here to buy a shirt.

Gaming With Scissors Crest Shirt Design


If there is anything that you guys would like to see us add to the site, or have any opinions on what needs improving, please comment below. We like hearing input and appreciate your ideas. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us over the years. The next few months are going to be really exciting.

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