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indiebox in 10: Armello

Welcome to the very first episode of indiebox in 10!



Welcome to the very first episode of indiebox in 10! A new show where I attempt to give a first impression review of an entire indiebox including the game in under 10 minutes! This month indiebox focused on the indie virtual board game Armello. The game has been nominated for several awards and its unique art and play style has earned it a strong cult following.

[video_player id=”e54a2a2dea242df81960ab27c4edfcea” url=”” width=”100%” video_ratio=”16_9″ placement=”center” image=”” custom_class=”” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”e93d3cb63bbc5e04a26255238b22046c” _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/video_player]If you want to learn more about indiebox you can check out their official site HERE.

If Armello looks like something you would be interested in you can find their official page HERE.


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