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Star Wars Lightsaber Escape

Did you know that Google has created a Star Wars augmented reality game that runs in the Chrome browser?!



In case you have been living in a subterranean colony with no access to tv, the Internet, radio, or other humans, the world has gone mad for Star Wars. It doesn’t matter, every aspect of your life is most likely being infected with this Star Wars fever, even your produce purchases.


Now even Google is getting in on the craze with an augmented reality game. Lightsaber Escape places you on an Imperial starship in which you must escape with only your trusty smartphone as a weapon? Lightsaber, I meant to say lightsaber.

Simply navigate to the link below on your smartphone and desktop, calibrate your phone, and begin your escape.

This is a really awesome experience. You will be drawn into a world where you will be swinging your phone wildly while your co-workers pass you by wondering if killer bees have made their way into the company air ducts and you are their first victim. The controls can be a little wonky but to be honest there are many Wii games with worse motion controls than this.



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