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Umbrella Corps Trailer and Gameplay

A new game set in the Resident Evil universe is set for arrival on PC and PS4 sometime early 2016 …



A new game set in the Resident Evil universe is set for arrival on PC and PS4 sometime early 2016. Unlike the more recent releases, which fans cant seem to agree on, or HD remakes of classics in the series Umbrella Corps is a whole new monster (pun unintentional).


It appears Capcom is really pushing to grab the attention of the eSports crowd that circles the FPS circuit. The gameplay and promotional materials seem to revolve around combat in close quarters with action packed shootouts between large well armed men. The trailer gives us a taste of whats to come but the more recent gameplay footage seems to show a world reminiscent of Call of Duty or the recent Star Wars Battlefront. One of the biggest differences between those titles and Umbrella Corps is the price. The official site for the game has it listed at $29.99. Making it a good $30 less than either of the earlier mentioned titles.


So far we see the game showing off 4 pieces of specialized equipment The Brainer, Tactical Shield, Terrain Spikes, and Zombie Jammer each of which seem to play a specific role in team combat. It also appears the levels are littered with NPC zombies that can turn on you if you lose use of your Zombie Jammer while in combat. Could this be a solid spin off that could reinvigorate the Resident Evil universe? The game that helps the series to reinvent itself instead of using HD remakes to keep the franchise afloat? As a long time fan of the franchise I hope to find out in early 2016. As a side note I can’t wait to drop The Brainer on my fellow Resi fans.

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