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The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Review

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Takes this incredibly weird blend of games and does a great job of creating a mash-up experience that I want to keep playing.



Never once in my life have I said; “I want a Metroidvania-style submarine shooter”. It turns out that The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human fulfills that missing piece of my life. Part Shadows of the Colossus, part Earth Defense Force, and part Metroid. The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human takes this incredibly weird blend of games and does a great job of creating a mash-up experience that I want to keep playing.

Dropping into the ocean in your submarine, you are introduced to a barren and lonely undersea utopia. As you explore the world you are treated to a peaceful loneliness that makes for an incredibly relaxing experience for most of the game. There are no enemies floating around, and there is no feeling of imminent danger. The biggest challenge through most of the game will be finding the correct path to explore, until you stumble upon a boss. That is really where The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human shines. The game instantly flips on it’s head, moving from a basic exploration of the ocean to a furious fight for your life against larger than life beasts.

Boss Fight

Every boss that you face is incredibly challenging and strong. Each has their own patterns that must be learned with little room for error or rebound. You will die over and over trying to master these boss sections.

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Boss Battles are Intense Review

Fortunately there is no real penalty for your shameful death. I am not completely sure how I feel about this. The learning curve on these fights is so steep, but the challenge is nullified by allowing you to repeat at your heart’s content. The difficulty could have been a progression instead of a cliff and I would have been much happier.

Once you finally beat a boss you are rewarded with a new tool or weapon that will help you as you explore new areas of the ocean. Certain sections of the game require specific items to progress through. That is the entire game in a nutshell. Explore and then boss and then explore.

the aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Review

This would not be an issue if you had a general idea where you needed to go, or in what order the bosses should be completed. Instead The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human really unleashes you into the wild with no sense of what you need to do to progress, just explore.


You have the freedom to play The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human in any way you see fit. Some sections of the game are blocked off until you receive a specific upgrade, but this still does not completely limit your experience. You have the choice to explore multiple areas at your choosing. This will lead you into boss fights that you either: are not ready for or will be a no brainer to complete. If you cannot beat a boss, many times it is ok to look for new paths that could ultimately make those frustrating sections much easier.


I like some sense of linear gameplay or at least at the beginning of a game. Not everyone is going to feel that way. Some people may even prefer the lack of “hand holding” that The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human takes. I found it to be very frustrating and a barricade to the actual gameplay.

Tell Me A Story

Progressing through The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human I found myself in love with the game and the experience but would have loved more of a story. The real back-story or sense of purpose comes from holotapes found along the ocean floor. When I play through a game I treat it like a movie or book. Unless there is some mindless reason I am experiencing it, I need to know what is going on. If I don’t have that I am completely disconnected and lose interest rather quickly.


Luckily, The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human has a great visual presentation with an enjoyable overall experience to keep you engaged. It presents itself as more of an arcade style experience than a cinematic journey, no matter how much I wanted the latter.

In Closing

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is completely worth picking up. It combines the best aspects of multiple genres unlocking something that you probably haven’t experienced before. A beautiful landscape and leisurely exploration regularly interrupted with over the top boss battles. Definitely something that you won’t want to miss.

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