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Spotify app on PS4

Many of us like to have our favorite music playing in the background as we play whichever of our games strikes our current fancy.



Many of us like to have our favorite music playing in the background as we play whichever of our games strikes our current fancy. Unfortunately  it can become cumbersome to balance volume control, track skipping, and artist swaps while simultaneously trying to shoot Luke Skywalker in the face because he’s been wrecking our entire Trooper unit for the last 5 minutes.

Enter the Spotify app for PS4. Most of us are already familiar with the music streaming service that allows you unlimited access to thousands of tracks with the ability to switch artists at your leisure. Accounts are available in either a free ad driven subscriptions or a paid version. The Spotify app has managed to integrate itself with other PSN services seamlessly.

Your tunes play in the background of whatever game you happen to be playing on the same device as the game itself. Unlike the mobile or tablet version of the free Spotify account, you can select any song and play it instantly! Users get full control not just a shuffle button, even at the free level.

However nice it is to use one device for everything the real kicker is the way you CONTROL the Spotifiy app. You can use your phone, tablet, or computer to directly interact with the music playing in the background of your game. Ever get bored of listening to Clutch while you single-handedly wreck an entire terrorist unit in Rainbow 6 Siege?

Check out Spotify for the Playstation 4

Fine, pop the app open on your phone and switch over to Danny Brown. Ever think about how rad it would be to listen to David Bowie while you sailed the high seas in Assassins Creed Black Flag? Wonder no longer! Start your Spotify app on your tablet and start up Station to Station. Do the tense moments of stealth in The Phantom Pain require silence or a lower volume so you can concentrate on which Russian solider you are going to kidnap to Mother Base first?

Head over to your laptop and drop the volume or mute your Cursive track. In the past few weeks it has become second nature for me to pop the Spotify app anytime I boot up my Playstation, the expereicen has completely changed the way I listen to music while I game. You can snag the Spotify app for free over on the Playstion Store right now!

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