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Leaked Ghost in the Shell Costume Images



Earlier this year Ghost in the Shell fans rejoiced and lamented simultaneously as a live action adaption of the manga was announced. This week images surfaced that allegedly depict the cast in full costume. Hard as I have tried I was unable to find an original source for the images. Users on the GITS First Assault Online forums suggested that they were dumped to a newly made Imgur account. While Reddit users pointed to a mysterious unnamed Instagram account.

The images appear to be reference photos for the wardrobe department. The only real insight we can gain from the images is a rough idea what character wardrobe may look like. A lot is bound to change over the course of production and with limited sources for information we may not have a good idea what to expect until Paramount releases a trailer. It’s important to remember that these are, more than likely, reference photos not the final product.

Ghost in the Shell is scheduled for release sometime in March 2017.

Check out the IMDB page for more details

Comparisons to the Anime

Ghost in the Shell 2017 Motoko Kusanagi Live Action

Ghost in the Shell 2017 Togusa Live Action

Ghost in the Shell 2017 Saito Live Action

Ghost in the Shell 2017 Ishikawa Live Action

Ghost in the Shell 2017 Batou Live Action

Ghost in the Shell 2017 Boma Borma Live Action

Ghost in the Shell Daisuke Aramaki Live Action

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