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Weekly trailer roundup for august 4th 2016 Weekly trailer roundup for august 4th 2016


Trailer Round Up 8/4/16

Check out our weekly round-up of TV and Movie trailers. 4 good, 1 bad, all entertaining.



Here at NerdLife we spend an extended amount of time digging through movie and TV trailers because, well, why not? Instead of sharing the cool ones on our Facebook or Twitter, we decided it would just be easier to create a weekly post of our four favorite trailers for the week and one terrible trailer. These trailers may not have been released during that week, but that’s ok because we make the rules and we are OK with that. We will include them as we find them. We hope you enjoy!

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

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Disney’s The Sword and the Stone meets the cast of Game of Thrones. Honestly I don’t know what to think about this. It looks really weird  and a totally different take on the tale of King Arthur. Guy Ritchie is behind the controls so that could be a promising thing.

Justice League

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Based off of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad can we actually trust any more DC Comics turned into movies? Can Batfleck make a compelling movie or is this just going to be an Avengers with Khal Drogo boring-time adventure?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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We could also call this Harry Potter and the Box of Monsters I was not Responsible Enough to Own, or how about Honey, the Smog Monster Killed the City. I always wondered how a person can be responsible for immense destruction on a massive scale and just walk away like “oh the maids will just clean it up”.

America Gods

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I will be honest here, I know nothing of America Gods other than this trailer looks really good. It really reminds me of a cross between Carnivàle and Sin City, at least that is the experience that I get from the trailer. Will definitely be watching American Gods when it lands on Starz.

And Now for the Bad: Trolls

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Trolls…. that poop cupcakes. That is all, like literally all this has to offer. I apologize to all of the parents out there that will have to endure this wonderful piece of cinema. Be forewarned, this is Trolls.

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