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Ghost in the Shell Live Action Teasers Released



This week Paramount Pictures released five 10 second teasers for the upcoming live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. Each teaser has limited vocal acting and focuses instead on dark and foreboding imagery.

Whispers in my Ghost

Dive Deeper

These teasers have a definite viral feel that represents the Ghost in the Shell universe really well. The costumes we see here give me way more confidence than what we saw in those leaked photos. They even managed to capture images that remind me of specific scenes from GITS past. The geisha specifically reminds me of the inaugural Stand Alone Complex episode which partially takes place in a geisha house. Overall if these clips are accurate we should be getting something dark that embodies the Shirow’s world nicely. Lets just hope we aren’t getting Suicide Squaded or Aeon Fluxed.

Ghost in the Shell is set to hack your life to pieces March 31, 2017.

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