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Trailers for Sept 9 2016 Trailers for Sept 9 2016


Trailer Round-Up 9/9/2016



Each week we sift through Hollywood’s trash and bring you interesting trailers from all over the world. If I’m being honest the best movie ever (Uncle Buck) has already been made so at this point they may as well just quit. But people keep making movies… so we keep reviewing trailers! This week we have walking toys, superheroes, bros, and much more!


College was a lot of fun wasn’t it guys? I mean… I hated it but you all probably had fun right? Apparently not if you were in a fraternity with James Franco and Nick Jonas. Someone should tell them they can’t walk around a local college flashing their no no zone and punching strangers. Nobody believes it’s for a movie guys. Also this movie is about treating people like garbage. So that’s fun.


Ever wake up with an awful headache? Iko Uwais has. His body washes up on shore with a head wound and amnesia. This trailer starts off a little slow but watch the whole thing. You won’t be let down! I wonder if we could get #bicepslicing trending on Twitter?

Live By Night(2017)

A friend and I recently spoke about my disdain for all things post Reindeer Games Ben Affleck. He reminded me about The Town. I realized my feelings for Affleck fall somewhere between hate and wanting to grab a beer with the guy. Live By Night gives us an old timey mobster version of Affleck who can really stomp heads. This is a solid trailer with amazing cinematography and music. I won’t lie, I’m pumped for this one.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie(Teaser 2017)

This almost made the awful trailer this week. It’s only saving grace was the word “teaser”. Here we get a taste of what the next major Lego film has in store for us. While this trailer leaves A LOT to be desired the cast feels solid. Olivia Munn, Jackie Chan, and Fred Armisen are all connected to the project. Lets just hope the film itself moves further away from a 70’s Kung Fu exploitation film than this teaser does.

The Awful:Max Steel

I don’t even know what’s happening in this trailer. Obviously a man in his mid 30’s was not the target demographic for this movie but I still feel like I died a bit inside after watching this. The trailer makes this thing look like a made for TV movie. Furthermore seeing that huge Mattel logo at the beginning just screams BUY TOYS. Josh Brener seems to be treating this like Dinklage treated Destiny.

Hate these trailers? Hate my opinions and want to fight about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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