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Call Girl of Cthulhu is Perfect Halloween Camp



Mayhem, blood, and nudity! Thank the Elder Gods for Call Girl of Cthulhu! Call Girl of Cthulhu borrows heavily from classic Lovecraftian mythos. Creating a zany, but adoring, love letter to one of the most prolific figures in the history of written horror. Readily embracing its B-movie status this flick goes off the rails within the first ten minutes and never slows down. The below trailer should give you a good idea what to expect.

Humanity is Overrated Anyway

Nerdy virginal Art student Carter’s life changes when he sees local call girl/stripper Riley. Its love at first sight when she stops to visit a client in Carter’s apartment building. Riley isn’t just any call girl, she bears a very special birthmark on her right buttock. That mark is part of a great prophecy that brings a Cthulhu worshiping cult to hunt her. Similarly a rival group run by an ex-cultist attempt to locate the birth marked beauty first and stop the cult. Mutants, pimps, sleazy strip club DJs, and pacifier sucking moistened gimps all join in on the fun! Will Cthulhu bear an heir and destroy humanity as we know it or will the art nerd save the day?

Labor of Love

Throwing a cast of some of the most oddball charters and a Cthulhu loving cult in the same flick was a genius idea. Rick “the Dick” Pickman (Alex Mendez) in particular makes me laugh as an over the top sex crazed slime ball. A few of Riley’s (Melissa LaMartina) fetish jobs are truly cringe worthy spanning from foot and food fetishes to playing doctor and… some more… extreme things. The relationship between Carter (David Phillip Carollo) and his roommate Erica (played by the beautiful Nicolette le Faye) is believable and at times awesomely awkward. Professor Edna and her crew out to stop the cultists remind me of Cory Haim’s group in The Lost Boys. Furthermore the cultists and mutants themselves are monstrous with awesome tentacle masks. Finally the cult leader Sebastian Suydum (Dave Gamble) seems to embody Lovecraft himself throughout the film.

Call Girl of Cthulhu is a competently shot and thoroughly enjoyable film that embraces its camp. The violence is over the top hilarious and some of references to sex work make my stomach churn while simultaneously making me laugh like a mad man. The rubber Cthulhu arms are a nice touch and many of the effects are practical. The digital effects fall a little short in some spots but those are few, quick, and don’t take away from the overall feel of the movie. The project feels like the creators and actors felt comfortable and loved what they were doing. Although some performances can feel slightly flat or overly dramatic at times this just lends to the charm. Inclusion of a rad as hell soundtrack consisting of rock, punk, electronic, and surf tunes jives perfectly with the atmosphere.

Who The Hell Would Watch This!?

I’m a casual fan of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos at best. Fans of Lovecraft would appreciate the small nods to his works scattered throughout the film. Specifically condoms branded DeepOnes by the LoveCraft company, the Arkahm Post , and the Rotterdam Hotel to name a few. Fans of cult or B-movies (myself included) will find the camp and over the top situations enjoyable. The sense of humor and charm of the film falls in line with B classics from Troma and shot on video cults like Killing Spree (also released by Camp Motion Pictures).

Call Girl of Cthulhu was not created for the main stream. Nobody is going to look at the box art and get the wrong idea what they’ll get from this movie. If you enjoy dark humor, over the top violence, camp, or the Cthulhu mythos this movie was made for you. It’s got some hilarious effects, scenes that could induce vomiting, over the top villains, mutants, and cults. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this movie and watched it several times after I began my review just for pure entertainment purposes. Overall If you are having a few beers with friends this Halloween and seeking something goofy to throw on the tube this movie would be a perfect fit!

Call Girl of Cthulhu is available from Camp Motion Pictures on Blu-ray or digitally from Amazon.

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