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Earlier today Google held an event in San Francisco to show off a bunch of new hardware. Did you miss it, you probably didn’t even know such a thing existed. Well guess what, it was amazing and we are going to tell you about it right now. Are you ready?

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Google Pixel

The main purpose of the event was to show off Google’s new Pixel phone. Hinted at earlier this year, this event was meant to launch the newest piece of hardware in the android family. So what’s so special?

  • super sleek design
  • comes in colors
  • uses Android Assistant to text people, make dinner reservations, and do other things your fingers are more than capable of doing
  • has a headphone jack
  • camera is amazing
  • phone is amazing
  • works with Google’s new VR system
  • comes in a 5″ and 5.5″ version
  • really expensive (starts at $650 USD)

Chromecast Ultra

We also got a taste of the new 4k version of the Chromecast called the Chromecast Ultra. So what’s so special?

  • can stream Netflix and other services from your computer to tv in 4K
  • is a chromecast
  • costs more money than a standard Chromecast ringing in at $69
  • has an ethernet port that Google neglected to list how fast it is
  • really we can’t think of anything really great here, it’s a slightly better and more expensive streaming device

Google Wifi router at Google Pixel Event

Google Wifi

Google announced a new offering in the category of home wireless routers. This is actually something to get excited about. it’s definitely not the cheapest router you can buy, but if it’s anything like the OnHub that Google released earlier this year it will be worth every penny. So what’s so special?

  • sleek and minimal design
  • allows you to expand your wifi network by adding more wifi units
  • a good amount of the setup and configuration is automated (good for dads)
  • you can control wifi access on a per device basis (pausing devices)
  • automatically adjusts settings to optimize each device
  • really helpful companion app to control your network
  • $129 for a single wifi unit or a 3-pack is only $299

daydream vr headset at google pixel event

Daydream View Headset

Google really wants in on this VR craze so why not have a fancy headset. Google has been playing around with the Google Cardboard concept for quite some time and this is just a logical progression. Hopefully you like fancy couches because that’s what this guy looks like, a high-dollar piece of Swedish upholstery. Not necessarily a bad thing, after all this thing looks really cool. So what’s so great?

  • Really affordable @ $79, if your phone supports Daydream
  • Design is really thought out with real users in mind
  • Kinda looks like it came from Ikea
  • Daydream will work with a number of apps such as Hulu, Netflix when it is finally available
  • Is not a bulky mess like so many other VR headsets
  • Doesn’t have a ton of wires to hook into your phone, in fact it’s completely wireless
  • Will work with a number of phones, not just the Pixel

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Google Home

Finally, Google announced it’s new home integration assistant. It really just looks like a fancier Sonos speaker, but it turns out it has a lot of interesting functionality. It is also fairly affordable and customizable. So what’s so special?

  • Home can answer random questions you might have like what time is it and why do my feet smell like rye bread
  • integrates with multiple streaming music platforms like Google Music, Pandora, and Spotify to stream all of your music on request
  • will also be able to stream media to your tv at your request via Chromecast
  • will eventually work with Netflix
  • Starting at $129 for a single unit of $299 for 3

There you go, are you excited yet? What do you think about all this new hardware Google is about to release upon humanity? Let us know in the comments below.

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