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Whispers in Necropolis



If you miss the violence and over the top cheese of Tales from the Crypt, Whispers in Necropolis may tickle your spooky bone! There was always something charming about the old anthology horror movies and shows. They crammed fleshed out stories and offered up good gory fun in bite sized chunks. Anthologies always reminded me of sitting around with friends telling spooky stories ala the Midnight Society. Whispers in Necropolis looks to make a name for itself as an indie contender among the likes of larger franchises already established in the genre. The writers and artists don’t skip on the uncomfortable or morbid so prepare to get creepy.

DISCLOSURE: NerdLifeTX received a review copy of Whispers in Necropolis from someone involved with the project.

Blood Guts and Mayhem

The Freshman issue of Whispers in Necropolis offers up 4 tales all varying in subject matter. The Storyteller acts as our guide through stories of cannibalism, murder, demons, mythical creatures, and scumbags getting their comeuppance. Mr Townson’s Pizza and Games shows us the misery of staff members at a failing pizza shop. One night a stranger arrives that will change the shops luck forever in the most brutal way possible. Following up LiLi the Demoness poises itself to become an ongoing story line for the series. Find out what happens when a Demoness stalks the streets dispensing ultraviolent justice on her path to redemption. The Ballad of Crying Jack drops a brutal lesson in parenting on an abusive Father. Finally the legend of Lechuza. A tale of a night stalking cryptid that stalks and shreds its prey to bits.

Cells In Blood Red

Different hand selected artists were used to bring each story to the page. This gives each chapter its own look and feel as you thumb your way through the book. Artwork in both Townson’s and Crying Jack give the nostalgic feel of styles used heavily throughout the 90’s. Color pallets are simple but characters are well designed and use shadow and line work to accentuate dimension and mood. LiLi and Luchuza lean more toward the animated digital style that has become popular on sites like DeviantArt over the last few years. Although this style isn’t for me, you can tell artists took time, and effort to ensure their style was representative of the story and the world they wanted to convey.

Whispers in Necropolis The Ballad of Crying Jack

Hear The Storyteller Weave the Macabre

As with the art its hard not to prefer some of the stories in Whispers in Necropolis over others. For my money the first and third stories best summed up what I want from a horror anthology. They felt gritty, dark, and creepy. With LiLi’s story set up to be reoccurring I feel like we only got a small taste of what’s to come in her story line. Subtle hints about the future of the Demoness make it feel like the writer has a larger story prepared for the character up their sleeve. The weakest link is Luchuza as it felt more like a story board for a film in Full Moon family. It didn’t carry the weight or depth of the previous tales. Every story feels cohesive and works but I found myself wishing I had more time with the stories I enjoyed.

Listen for the Whisper

Whispers in Necropolis isn’t going to be competing in Marvel or DC territory. Its an indie effort through and through. When you look at the time and focus Luis Torres put into the first issue you can tell it’s a passion project from a fan of of the genre. The inclusion of faux ads nodding to the in book restaurant was a clever and immersive idea. An included character pin up centerfold gives the book a very retro feel. Torres hits the mark with some great concepts that could stand to be fleshed out a bit more. Indie comic fans will definitely enjoy the DIY charm in these pages. Necropolis wasn’t built for everyone but the horror fan in me is curious to see where The Storyteller take us in the next issue.

You can purchase the first issue of Whispers in Necropolis HERE.

Issue two is currently on Kickstarter if you want to help Luis Torres bring his creations to the page.

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