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Zombie Night Terror Review

If you have reached the tolerance level of the traditional zombie game, Zombie Night Terror is a breath of fresh air that you should check out.



I am honestly getting tired of zombie games. Everyone gets it, zombies are cool, and hip, and scary. So my first impression for Zombie Night Terror was that of annoyance. Do I really have to play this same scenario again? I didn’t have it in me to give it a fair chance when the game initially released in July, so I put it off until Horror Month. I needed to give myself room to get in the mood and maybe I would be happier and man.

Zombie Night Terror Review - Opening Scene

Zombie Night Terror is a zombie game, yes. Fortunately for those who have reached the tolerance level of the traditional zombie game, this is a breath of fresh air. Zombie Night Terror does not play like any other Zombie game I have seen. Instead of the normal shoot the zombies, run from the zombies, don’t die motif you get to play the overlord of the undead. The game plays very similarly to the old Lemmings games you might remember from the early 90’s. If you aren’t old enough to even know what I am talking about, watch this video.

The Horror Masters Would Be Proud

The overall atmosphere of the game is incredibly stylized and kitschy. Borrowing from multiple sources both for presentation as well as the story. The world has been plagued with a fancy new drug called Romero (that’s fun right?) that is turning its users into the living dead. You play as the overlord infecting the innocent passers to complete each stage. As you progress through the game you unlock the ability to mutate your zombies into special units to help you solve specific challenges

The overall object is to take all of your zombies and get them to the exit of each stage while losing as few as possible to pitfalls and armed drug dealers. Zombie Night Terror has an incredible amount of replay value that in each level you have a secondary mission that, to me, was near impossible to complete. That’s right keep us here out of pure frustration, the good kind.

Clowns in Zombie night terror

Zombies Are Challenging

Zombie Night Terror is an incredibly entertaining experience for anyone that is willing to tread through the frustrations it presents. Now I am not a stranger to difficult games. I have covered many games on the site that I found frustrating, but this is a different kind of challenge.

This is not a Dark Souls kind of frustration. With games like Dark Souls, it’s a matter of learning patterns and mastering them. This game is heavily puzzle based and as you progress through the stages you will quickly notice the difficulty level shoot through the roof at a maddening pace. Instead of challenging boss battles, you get situations that challenge your intellect.

This is not the say the game isn’t enjoyable but you do have to give yourself the chance to analyze each level and create a game plan. Luckily there is no real penalty for dying, just your sanity and possibly the destruction of your keyboard and mouse.

Zombie Night Terror Attacking humans

Zombie Retro Revival

Visually the game hits that magical place in my heart where all of my retro memories still live. Zombie Night Terror has this NES-style pixel art that is done so well that you can’t help but appreciate it. Even while presenting this the indie friendly retro design, it still somehow feels modern. The animations are smooth and delivered well enough that even people who never got to experience the high point of pixelated games can still enjoy the experience.

Zombie Night Terror is a deviation from the standard zombie game; integrating logic, puzzles, and a fresh perspective on the genre. It has become one of those games that I can quickly jump in and out of when I need a quick gaming fix or a game I can easily sink hours into trying to master each stage. I say give it a try, just be aware the difficulty that awaits you.

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