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Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer


Another Ghost in the Shell Live Action Teaser Released



Paramount Pictures hit us with another 14 second Ghost in the Shell teaser today! It’s been a month since we saw the last batch of 5 teasers. Before that we didn’t have much info on the live action adaptation except a few leaked costume images back in August. Check out the new teaser below!

I’m Becoming Someone Else

This time around we get a scene that appears to be a recreation of a scene from the classic film from 1995. Teaser 6 seems to heavily hint towards a more Matrix-like stylized look for combat. We also get to see Scar Jo in the therm-optic camouflage made famous by the original Ghost in the Shell film. The last few frames of this teaser give us a the date 11/13. The release date of the film is still being heavily marketed to be March 31st 2017. So what could this date be? I’m hoping this means we will see a fully fleshed out trailer before the end of the year! I would also love to see some sort of ARG with clues left throughout the teaser clips. What do you think the date means? Comment below and let us know!

Ghost in the Shell Water Fight Live Action

Ghost in the Shell will be sowing digital discord in theaters March of 2017.

Check out the IMDB page for more details.

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