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Beauty and the Beast Live Action Remake Trailer Released Beauty and the Beast Live Action Remake Trailer Released


Beauty and the Beast Trailer (2017)

Disney releases their first full length trailer for the new Beauty and the Beast live action remake? Is this yet another terrible cash grab?



I am not sure why there are so many remakes being made. I get that people think that Hollywood has run out of ideas and they are just trying to cash in on nostalgia. I don’t hate this idea like many others do, at least no as much as others do. This can be a good thing, take a subpar movie and make it better or even something from my childhood and let me share it in an updated form with my kid. Beauty and the Beast though?

Beauty and the Beast in the Sewer

I instantly was turned off when I found out that Disney was taking another swing at a piece of their classic animated catalog. When they decided to add in extra scenes to the original film I hated it. So, why is it necessary to try and retell something that we all already know? When I found out it was a live action version, I gave up.

All I could see in my head was that Beauty and the Beast ripoff from the mid 90’s where the beast was like a sewer man. I think the show was on USA Network, a channel known for their quality programming. Animation does not translate well to the real world. Especially seeing how CGI would be a huge crutch in telling this story undoubtedly.

Beauty and the Beast releases 3/17/17

It wasn’t until I watched the initial teasers that my interests were peaked. Visually it looked amazing and the tone and world from the original movie were presented very faithfully. You got me Disney, show me what you can do.

Initial Impressions

Today we are presented with the first full length trailer for the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. This couldn’t be further from what I anticipated with my initial reactions. I am so excited to watch this movie. Personally I do not care so much for the computer generated characters, but it looks like Disney did a good job at keeping everything very natural. I would have preferred a few Jim Henson-esque animatronics and puppets but I think this will have to do.


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