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Ghost in the Shell 2017 Official Trailer Ghost in the Shell 2017 Official Trailer


Ghost in the Shell (2017) Official Trailer

Ghost in the Shell is pretty heavy material and many fans were worried it wouldn’t translate. So how does the trailer look? Check it out now.



Early this morning we finally got the first full length Ghost in the Shell trailer! Previous to this we only had a set of 5, 15 second teasers with a 6th one being released last week. Ghost in the Shell is pretty heavy material and many fans were worried it wouldn’t translate. Couple that with the white washing of the cast (specifically the Major) and the film was under heat before any footage was even released. As of this morning we finally get to see what the Sanders, Herman, and Moss had envisioned for the world of GITS. With any luck this trailer will lay some fan’s fear to rest.

Everyone Around Me, They Feel Connected To Something…

Like previous teasers we see more scenes from both Stand Alone Complex and the original 95 film faithfully recreated. The Major even sports her famous, tight, off-white battle gear as seen in the original film. More Section 9 members appear in this trailer than ever before. I’m still not sold on Batou’s eyes but Takeshi Kitano will undoubtedly make a fantastic Aramaki. We get more action sequences and it appears our previous statement still holds true. This film is going to be highly stylized so I wouldn’t expect many high octane action film style gunfights. The world inhabited by Section 9 feels futuristic and cold but also very much alive. What still remains to be seen is whether or not we will get to see any of the spider tanks shown throughout the Manga and animated series. Based on this trailer, March can’t come fast enough!

Ghost in the Shell is set to visit a robot geisha near you March 31’st 2017.

For more information follow them on Twitter and check out the IMDB page.

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