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Pick up Pit People on Steam Early Access



I was pleasantly surprised last weekend when my brother and his wife suggested that we try out a new game that he ran across on Steam called Pit People.  Not knowing what I had agreed to, we sat down on his couch and he powered on his Steam Link.  I watched as Steam’s Big picture mode came to life on his sixty-inch Vizio and presented him with the deals of the day.  We skipped those and then synced a few more controllers, finally navigating to his library and selecting Pit People. The title screen lit up his display and I immediately recognized the character art.  It has The Behemoth’s unique art direction and a sense of humor fully on display.

Pit People - Alas poor Horatio

Alas, poor Horatio!

As the game progresses Pit People opens up combat options with gear and recruits and this triggered my involuntary “one more battle” reaction.

As you start Pit People, you are thrust into the story of Horatio and his family.  From this initial battle forward, you can play co-op with two people.   As Pit People is a turn-based strategy game, the gameplay is somewhat simple.  You move your character into position on a hex grid map and hold the Y button to indicate that you are through with your turn.  Once you partner does the same, your player will move and attack or defend.  After this, your opponent takes their turn and you repeat.   I know that this sounds simple and the base combat is.  As the game progresses Pit People opens up combat options with gear and recruits and this triggered my involuntary “one more battle” reaction.

Pit People - Pit

Well, it’s the Pit.

After the initial battle, you enter the city.  The city is a hub where you can purchase and trade items, add additional recruits, switch between recruits, etc.  Once you have outfitted your party and purchased a quest, you can leave to the overworld.  When you travel on the overworld map, you are both in a wagon.  Since you travel as one campaign, one player is in control the movement of the caravan.  The other player will be able to fire cannons at enemy encounters that you want to avoid.  In this overworld map, you are free to discover locations such as Tinkletown, Putt-Putt’s Greens of Sorrow and The Stinky Femur.


Pick up Pit People for $14.99 on Steam Early Access.

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