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Update: Alien Covenant release date



Alien Covenant, the sequel to Ridley Scott’s 2012 Prometheus, finally has a proper trailer and a release date.  The movie will take place as the colony ship “Covenant” travels to a planet that they think is habitable.  On this new planet they discover the synthetic David (Michael Fassbender) the sole survivor of the Prometheus expedition.  Watching through this trailer, you get glimpses of more familiar Alien xenomorph than we witnessed in the 2012 Alien prequel.  Since the ship Covenant is a colony ship, it looks as though we may get another glimpse into the Weyland-Yutani “shake and bake” terraforming process first mentioned in James Cameron’s Aliens.

The movie will take place as the colony ship “Covenant” travels to a planet that they think is habitable.

This expansion to the Aliens cinematic universe is something that I have personally wanted since reading through the Earth Hive, Nightmare Asylum and The Female War trilogy.  These books further explore this universe with ships made of plasticrete and corporations that back their shareholders’ best interest.  The main story of this series centers around Billie and Wilkes, a young woman and a synthetic. These characters attempt to survive in a world were religions and corporations end up being the real monsters.

You can catch Alien Covenant this May 19th.


[Update 02/28/2017]

We have another new trailer for Alien Covenant.  This one comes with more action and a look at the fresh take on the Alien.


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