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Ghost in the Shell 2017 Official Trailer 2 Ghost in the Shell 2017 Official Trailer 2


Ghost in the Shell (2017) Trailer 2



Today Paramount released its second full length trailer for this years Ghost in the Shell. Here at NerdLife we have been following the production since August of last year. This newest trailer has moved us away from the silent protagonist jump cut style trailers we’ve seen from Paramount so far. But with the movies release a little more than a month away does this trailer instill us with confidence in the project or smash our dreams entirely?


What are you?

There seems to have been a major push at the studio to humanize the Major. If this is your first excursion into the world of Ghost in the Shell you may not see the problem here. Fans of the franchise have gown to love the Majors heartless and calculating nature. She uses her brain and her combat skills to work her way out of any and all situations that may arise in the course of duty with Section 9. While the first :50 of the trailer deliver on this cold, calculating Major the remainder seems to steer us towards the destruction of the human Majors life before joining the Section 9 crew. The inclusion of this past could potentially disrupt the entire base of the character, retconning her history and delivering a character fans can’t get behind.

Beyond the humanization of the major we get extended looks at a few of the previously hinted action sequences. All the visuals continue to be appealing and lend themselves to create a cold, futuristic atmosphere fans will appreciate. Our first look at the villain raises more questions than answers in classic Ghost in the Shell (2017) trailer style. Closing out the 2:16 we get a quick glimpse at what may be one of the spider style tanks made famous by the franchise over the course its history.

They created me, but they cannot control me.

Although this trailer has dampened my interest significantly in the film, I still have hope it will surprise me. Getting a good Anime based film backed by a major studio could mean more projects coming to life in the future. As much as I would love to see an Akira film I hope Paramount doesn’t destroy my beloved Major or my beloved Ghost in the Shell.

Ghost in the Shell reboots theaters March 31st.

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